Breakfast Around the World Recipe Book — Free Download!

I have all of my best ideas while I’m exercising, which really stinks because I HATE exercising. This one came to me earlier this month following a dinner with our Afghani friends. I asked what some traditional breakfast foods are in Afghanistan, and they described something they translated as “sugar cheese” and promised to make it for us soon.

I didn’t think too much more about it, then climbed on the elliptical to torture myself in the name of endorphins and good health — and I was struck with a brilliant idea. What if we put together a recipe book of our own countries’ traditional breakfast foods?

I put the question out there on Instagram and Facebook, and I was overwhelmed by the response! While I was expecting to receive 20 or so recipes, you all responded with 72 recipes from 36 different places around the world!

I did my best to compile all of these breakfast recipes into one cohesive recipe book, and I am in love with the result. It is available here as a free download for my email subscribers! Download yours to use on your phone or tablet, print out recipes as needed, or send the whole thing out to be printed and bound into a real book. Most importantly, remember how this Breakfast Around the World Recipe Book came to be — simple family recipes sent from regular people just like you and me — and how sharing our food and traditions can help connect us no matter where we live.

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