Girls Can! Crate Review

I stumbled upon the Girls Can! Crate when I was looking for Christmas gifts for my girls (ages 4 and almost 6), and I immediately knew it was something they would love. Strong women, art and science projects, something arriving in the mail just for them each month? That checks all the boxes. I did some further research and discovered that there are several different options as far as the size of the crate you receive and how many activities are in it. You can see all of the options HERE.

I chose the mini mailer option — and I think it is the perfect fit for us. I was worried that there wouldn’t be enough in it for both girls to be able to participate, but it turns out that there is just the right amount for them to both be able to engage without it completely taking over all of our free time.

We’ve received two of the mini mailers so far, and I thought I’d give you a peek inside!

Our first Girls Can! Crate mini mailer was all about Ella Fitzgerald. We turned on some of her music [the girls are STILL singing “A Tiskit, A Taskit” a month later…], and dove right in! Here’s a bit of what the inside of that activity book looks like:

First, the Activity Book tells the story of Ella Fitzgerald’s life. Since she was a famous musician, her particular story is told in the form of a song.

The pages following the story are full of activities related to the featured woman. These are perfect for my oldest daughter, who is almost 6.

This sound game was really fun for both of my girls to complete! Daddy dropped each of the objects one at a time, and the girls had to guess which of the items from the list it was.

Their favorite activity was getting to make their own instruments. My 4-year-old made the harmonica and my almost 6-year-old made the guitar. The mini mailer included all of the necessary supplies for these instruments.

Then they jammed out to some Ella Fitzgerald songs for a bit!

We finished our afternoon of fun with this musical water experiment. I love how the Girls Can! Crate mini mailer included music, art, fine motor skills, and science all in one fun package!

Our next Girls Can! Crate mini mailer was all about volcanologist Katia Krafft, and that one was even MORE fun than the first!

The girls especially loved making their own plaster volcano — and then watching it erupt! Again, the mini mailer included all of the supplies necessary to make the volcano and the eruption.

My oldest was so interested in the subject matter that she undertook some additional research all on her own from some children’s reference books we own — she studied for several days and wrote down new facts she learned in her “research notebook.”

My favorite part from this Girls Can! Crate mini mailer was the recipe included for mini chocolate lava cakes! I honestly did not expect this to work — recipes that have been simplified for children rarely do, in my experience. But this one worked perfectly and it was super easy!

I initially only bought a 6-month subscription to the Girls Can! Crate mini mailer, but this is one that we will definitely be renewing. You can check out the Girls Can! Crate (for a single child or even the add-on for siblings), mini mailer, and digital subscription options at the link below.