Montessori-Inspired Winter Activities Bundle

Every time Renae from Every Star is Different announces the title of her newest printable bundle, I begin by thinking, “What could she possibly put in that bundle that hasn’t already been created by someone else?” And every time, I receive the bundle and my jaw just drops. I’ve been around the block a few times, and I have never seen a winter bundle with printable packs containing these resources. Here’s everything it includes:

  1. NEW Montessori-inspired Antarctica Printable Pack 2 (40 pages)
  2. NEW Montessori-inspired Arctic Printable Pack (122 pages)
  3. NEW Montessori-inspired Glaciology Printable Pack (80 pages)
  4. NEW Montessori-inspired Temperature Printable Pack (80 pages)
  5. NEW Montessori-inspired Weather Printable Pack (99 pages)


  1. EXPANDED Montessori-inspired Antarctica Printable Pack 1 (81 pages)
  2. Montessori-inspired Self-Care: Dressing Printable Pack (60 pages)
  3. Montessori-inspired Intro to Botany Printable Pack (41 pages)

My first impression was that the Montessori-Inspired Winter Activities Bundle would be most suitable for elementary children, but then I took a closer look and found TONS of materials for the 3-6 age range. That means that if you are homeschooling, you’ll be able to use the materials in this bundle for 4-6 years altogether!

As usual, I’ll give you a sneak peek inside.

The Montessori-Inspired Antarctica Printable Pack 2 contains so many amazing resources for learning about Antarctica — and this is just to supplement the Antarctica Printable Pack 1, which has been expanded and is ALSO included in the Montessori-Inspired Winter Activities Bundle! I especially love the Types of Penguins and Types of Whales 4-part cards.

The Montessori-Inspired Arctic Printable Pack is one of the pieces of the Montessori-Inspired Winter Activities Bundle that contains so many materials for the younger age range, such as Land, Air, & Water Arctic Animal Sorting Cards as well as Winter and Summer Coat Color Changes in Arctic Animals. I also love the Arctic Indigenous Needs of Man materials for the older age range.

The Montessori-Inspired Glaciology Printable Pack is GORGEOUS! If you have a Frozen 2 lover, this is a fabulous way to connect the movie to real life — fictional glacier Ahtohallan is a big part of the storyline, and this pack can help your child learn all about glaciers! My homeschooler is only 4 right now, so I am especially loving the Colors of Glaciers Cards. The rest of the pack is perfect for the children ages 5-10!

The Montessori-Inspired Temperature Printable Pack might be my favorite part of the whole Montessori-Inspired Winter Activities Bundle! My child isn’t ready for this yet, but I absolutely LOVE the temperature change word problems and can’t wait to use them in the next year or two. This pack teaches how to read a thermometer (in both Fahrenheit and Celsius) and provides some great global warming info as well as ways we can work to prevent it. There’s something for each area of the classroom in this pack!

The Montessori-inspired Weather Printable Pack is AMAZING and can really be used during all seasons, not just the winter. I love the amazing resources it has for teaching about types of clouds, types of precipitation, and types of tornadoes — so much fun, and it all includes real photographs.

Those are the regular parts of the Montessori-Inspired Winter Activities Bundle, but it also includes several bonuses [listed above]. This is my favorite one:

The Montessori-Inspired Self-Care: Dressing Printable Pack is one of the bonuses included in the Montessori-Inspired Winter Activities Bundle! This was my favorite part of the Montessori-Inspired Self-Care Bundle about a year ago, and this is such a good place for it because of the connection to temperatures! It really makes it so easy for your child to be able to pick out weather-appropriate clothing each day. Love the dressing chart!

Everything I’ve just described above is available for the next 30 days ONLY for 75% off! That’s over 600 pages of printable activities for just $19.99 [regular price: $79.99]!

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