How to Plan Unit Studies for Montessori Homeschool

One of the questions I am asked most frequently is how I plan our unit studies for our Montessori homeschool preschool!  I go about it differently than most, as I prefer long, drawn-out unit studies that last a couple of months [at least!].  That gives us an opportunity to really dive in deep with each topic, and it has worked well for us.  Many other homeschoolers do smaller unit studies lasting just a week or two per subject — and that’s fine if it works for you!  I created a printable unit study template for creating your own unit studies as part of my Montessori Homeschool Preschool E-Course, and I decided to also add it to my free printables library for email subscribers, so you can download it now!

This printable unit study template is a document that can be used in several different ways.  First, it can help you organize the materials you already own as well as list resources that you are interested in purchasing, borrowing, or making — all while keeping track of how much money you’re spending on materials!

The second page provides space for each section of the classroom, so you can decide where your materials will go on the shelf and make sure that all areas are covered.

The third page can be used to record potential field trips and any observations/extra notes you may have about the unit study.

I go into much greater detail on how to plan your own unit studies from scratch in my Montessori Homeschool Preschool E-Course — there’s a whole section on Planning Curricula that includes 6 different lectures on Daily Lessons, Unit Studies, Sample Step-by-Step Unit Study Plans, Work Rotation, Record-Keeping, and How to Make Your Own Materials.

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