Montessori-Inspired Animals in Paintings Cards — Free Printable!

Last month I asked my email subscribers what kinds of free printables they would like me to make, and I received so many new suggestions!  There were a few requests for printables about animals and art, so I decided to combine the two to make these new Montessori-Inspired Animals in Paintings Cards!

They can be used as traditional 3-part cards or matching cards, as well as for sorting into various categories.

I knew Nora would really enjoy sorting these by how many animals are in each painting, so I included some cards to sort by number.

I also included some cards to sort by type of animal to provide some extra reading practice for Lila!

And since I had three extra cards to fill, I even included some cards to sort by land, air, and sea — where each animal pictured moves.

While searching for paintings to include, I tried to hit most of the continents and a wide variety of cultures — although in many cultures, painting is not the main form of art and so they may not be represented as thoroughly.  These Montessori-Inspired Animals in Paintings Cards include 20 different paintings from around the world featuring animals and 20 sorting cards.

These cards are included as part of my email subscriber freebies!  If you are an email subscriber already, check your email for the password to download your copy HERE — it changes monthly, and the newest password will be in the newsletter sent on the first Wednesday of the month.  If you are not yet an email subscriber, you can sign up HERE to have my latest blog posts and exclusive deals sent straight to your inbox each week.