Montessori Human Body Study: The Nervous System

We began our study of the human body on the outside and worked our way in — as most Montessori learning goes!  After learning all about The Outer Body, we moved on in to look at the Skeletal System and the Muscular System before starting at the top with the Nervous System.

Our favorite activity that we’ve been using throughout this human body study is this felt human body!  It comes with the bones AND the organs, but we isolated each system as we learned about it.  The girls loved putting the nervous system together according to the labeled chart that comes with it.

We also enjoyed learning about the different parts of the brain and what they do with our Brain Nomenclature Book from Montessori Print Shop.  I actually cut them into cards instead of a book so we could match the bolded words from the description cards to the words that labeled each picture card.

We also talked a bit about thinking and mindfulness, and spent a lot of time learning about that with our books — listed at the bottom of this post.

My favorite part of our study of the nervous system was the 10 days we spent discovering our senses!  You can read about all the activities from that sub-study HERE.

We rely heavily on wonderful children’s books for all of our themed studies, and here are the books we used to study the nervous system of the human body:

The Usborne Big Book of the Body

See Inside Your Body

The Usborne Complete Book of the Human Body

The Brain, by Seymour Simon

I Am Peace: A Book of Mindfulness, by Susan Verde


Stay tuned as we continue to dive deeper into our human body study!