Montessori-Inspired Gardening Printables

It’s about to be Spring, and I am ready for it! My small group coaching community requested a bunch of printables about spring/gardening/planting, and so I of course went a bit overboard and created a whole bundle of materials. Here’s everything you’ll need for your classroom/homeschool:

Garden Color Sorting Cards: Sort things in the garden by color! There are 3 cards for each color in Color Box 2 except for black, brown, and grey.

Fruit & Vegetable Silhouette Matching Cards: 20 different fruits and veggies with a matching silhouette card.

Edible Parts of a Plant Sorting Cards: 5 edible seeds, roots, stems, leaves, flowers, and fruits for sorting by type. Includes control cards listing them all together as well as a Parts of a Plant Poster

Seed Type Matching Cards & Line Tracing: 10 seeds to match to the end product. Matching cards for each, as well as two line tracing pages to match each seed to its grown product.

Big/Medium/Small Seed Sorting: Sort the seeds by big, medium, or small.

Life Cycle of a Strawberry Mat & 3-Part Cards: Control poster, one you can use as cut & paste or with velcro dots for re-use, and 3-part cards with each step of the cycle.

Planting a Seed Sequencing Mat & Cards: Put the cards in order according to the sequencing story.

Gardening Sequencing Puzzles: Two counting puzzles and one with just lines to put the pictures in order from seed to plant.

Gardening Math Word Problems: 10 word problems each for addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. Use with bead bars or other manipulatives.

Garden Mapping Game: My favorite part! Game board with coordinate cards and fruits/veggies/flowers to plant according to the card you pick up. Full color version (pictured) as well as a less color version if you want to save some printer ink. Also includes some bird’s eye view cards that you can use to give verbal instructions to your child (“Plant a pumpkin in D4.”) or have your child read the map to direct you.

ALL of those materials are available in my Montessori-Inspired Gardening Bundle for just $13!

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