Montessori-Inspired Math Activities for Preschoolers — Number to Quantity Scavenger Hunt

Incorporating movement in educational activities — especially on a large scale — is a great way to make activities extra fun while stimulating more parts of the brain.  One fun way to do this is to turn your typical Montessori-inspired work into a “scavenger hunt.”  You can see how I’ve done this before with colors and beginning sounds, and now I’m sharing how we have done it with quantities.

I laid each of the Sandpaper Numbers out on the work rug and named them.  Then I traced 1, took a basket, went to a shelf, counted one sensorial balloon into my basket, returned to the rug, and put it under the number 1.  I did the same with number 2 (except with puzzle pieces).  Then L asked for a turn.

She traced number 3, then took the basket and walked over the the same shelf I went to on my first trip.  She counted out three sensorial balloons, returned to the rug, and put them under the number 3.  She began to return to the same spot for number 4, so I suggested that she choose something from a different shelf.

For each number L collected different objects from other works on her shelves.

This work really reinforces the concept of number and quantity being the same, as L has to count each number twice — once when she counts them into her basket, and once when she counts them as she lays them beneath the number.

L was so proud of her work when she had finished!  She wanted me to take a photo to show Daddy, so I did. So much fun, and the results will be different each time you do it!