Montessori Asia Study — Korean Alphabet Magnets

We had a ton of fun with our Montessori Asia study because the region is so large and there is so much to learn!  We paid particular attention to our study of South Korea because L and N are half-Korean.  Their grandparents sent us an amazing package full of cultural items from South Korea, and I immediately knew that these Korean alphabet magnets would make an amazing work.

My girls also have Korean names (L’s is Gyuran and N’s is Gyubin), so I asked my husband to write them out in Korean so I could see them.  I traced the correct magnets to make those Korean names and our last name, then taped those papers to a cookie tray so the magnets would stick.  I wrote each name on a different color paper and put only the magnets for each name (in the corresponding colors) in a bowl.

I originally had L in mind for this work, but it turns out that N loved it!

I showed her how to match one character to its outline, and she quickly completed the rest.

When she had finished, I read each of the names to her.

We are officially finished with our Asia study now, but this is still on our shelves because it is such a favorite.  Don’t speak Korean?  You can still do this as part of your own study — just look up some Korean words and use those characters to trace.

This work idea isn’t restricted to Korean words — this would work with any kind of magnets!  You could try doing this with English words, or just do it with magnets of different shapes for a fun magnet “puzzle.”




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