Montessori Math for Preschoolers — Bead Bar Number Ordering Puzzle

L has been super into the math section lately, so I have been really excited to be using Every Star is Different’s Montessori Math Bead Bar Printable Pack Bundle.  While there are specific ways to use many of the activities included in the bundle, this is one that I tweaked a bit for us.  I cut out the cards on pages 185 and 186 — which are meant to be used to match the written number to the correct bead bar — but I kept mine together to make a number ordering puzzle.

I knew this way of using the cards would be perfect when used with our colored bead stair hanger and bead bars, but you could also complete this work without those extra physical materials.

First I set up the number ordering puzzle cards by placing them at random in front of the bead stair hanger.

Using the bead stair hanger as a guide, I pointed to 1 on the hanger, found the card that said 1, and put it on the bottom left to begin putting the numbers in order.  I then took the one bead bar and placed it on top of the card.

L didn’t really need the bead bar hanger as a guide, but it would certainly provide a helpful control of error for younger children.

She continued placing the cards in order until it looked just like the bead bars looked when they were hanging.

This is a fun way to practice number ordering while bringing several different materials together to really help the child make the connection between number and quantity.

Want to know what else we’re doing with the Montessori Math Bead Bar Printable Pack Bundle?  Check out Colored Bead Stair with Bead Bar Cards and Montessori Math Activities.  The amazing printable pack that we are using comes in print or cursive, so it’s even great for elementary students.