Food Prep Activities for Toddlers and Preschoolers — Orange Juicing

I found the most adorable little ceramic juicer at Target one day, and I knew it would be PERFECT for L’s little hands.  You can find one like it here.


I put the juicer, half an orange, and a small glass like this one on a small tray.  I showed L how to squeeze and twist the orange on the juicer, and we examined the juice and pulp that collected in the bottom.


Once there was the tiniest bit of juice in the juicer, L insisted on pouring it into the cup right away.


And then her favorite part — drinking it!  She repeats this over and over again until the orange half is completely juiced, then requests the other half.  N is also very interested in this work, and if she brings over another glass, L will pour some of her juice into it so N can have a taste.