Montessori-Inspired Language Activities for Preschoolers — Seasons 3-Part Cards [With Free Printable!]

After we finished studying the whole solar system, I decided to focus in on Earth.  We started with learning about the seasons, since we first began this unit right when it changed from winter to spring.  The easiest way to discuss the changes in something is to use one image and see how it changes over time — in terms of the seasons, that means using something like a tree to discuss the differences in each season.  The perfect Montessori seasons work would use a photograph of the exact same tree, from the exact same angle, but taken during different seasons of the year.  I couldn’t find any photographs like that — but I did my best to find photographs that centered on deciduous trees to really show the differences in each season.  I made 3-part cards — a Montessori work that requires picture matching AND word matching.  L obviously can’t read yet, but she can match the words as patterns.

 Our first step was simply laying out the four cards that had the picture and the word and discussing what the trees looked like in each season.  Then we matched the cards that had just the picture to the first cards.

Finally, we matched the word to each card.  This is a great pre-reading excercise for younger preschoolers. Older children can use just the second and third cards (the ones with just a picture and just a word) once they are reading.

Here’s a free printable of the Seasons 3-Part Cards!  Just print and cut along all lines so they look like mine.  I also laminated ours so they last longer.


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  1. I absolutely love all of the activities you post! You’re so creative and patient to teach your kids! This is amazing. You’re an awesome mama!

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