Stickers are some of L’s favorite things!  They’re also a great work for promoting fine motor skills — it’s kind of tough for toddlers to peel stickers by themselves.  The repetition of peeling a sticker and putting it on the paper, then peeling another sticker and putting it on the paper, leads to increased focus and concentration skills.


To prepare this work, I picked up some cheap sticker packages from the dollar bins at Target.  It doesn’t really matter what’s on the stickers — the point is the process of peeling them off and sticking them onto the paper.  I have also used free stickers that come in the mail, or the ones that are attached to some calendars and dog heartguard containers.  I cut the sticker sheets into smaller sections of about 10-15 stickers, and put one sheet into a box on the tray.  I added some construction paper, and that was it!  L absolutely loves this work.  She will do it many times in a row.  When she has emptied one sticker sheet, she can put the old one in the garbage and get a new sheet and piece of construction paper from the paper organizer on her art table.


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  1. Great idea..I recently used stickers at a kids workshop by putting stickers myself on their hands.but now I feel i should have done it the way you have spelled it out ..Perhaps next time.☺

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