Montessori Pink Series CVC Writing Templates

L has been devouring Sandpaper Letters like they’re food for the brain [which they totally are], and she can barely hold a conversation without stopping a thousand times to sound out the beginning sound of the next word she’s going to say.  She’s mastered about 2/3 of her phonetic letters, but I didn’t want to hold her back from beginning to write and read just so she can finish everything in the “proper” order — so I created these consonant-vowel-consonant (CVC) short vowel writing templates for her!  If you are following a Montessori curriculum, these words are known as the Pink Series — three letter words with short vowels which can be sounded out phonetically.  We are using these templates as a precursor to the official Pink Series pictures, which would be spelled out using the moveable alphabet.

To begin, I printed out and laminated only the cards that have letters L already knows.  I gave them to her with our letter stamps and some washable ink so we can wipe it off and do it over and over again — which we do!

For each word, I pointed to each letter while making the sound that it makes.  Then I showed L how to find the correct stamp, stamp it in the space below that letter, and then do the next.

These cards also work really well for children who are beginning to write their letters, and this is actually L’s favorite way to use this work.  I showed her how to trace the top letter with her dry erase marker so she can practice the shape of the letter, then write it in the space below.

This is great practice for writing the letters a bit smaller than they are on our sandpaper letters, but not so small that it’s too difficult for her beginning writing skills.

I’m loving watching the progression of her writing skills — look how sweet that little g is!

You can print out your set of Montessori Pink Series CVC Writing Templates in the black print (pictured above) or using the traditional Montessori colors of red for consonants and blue for vowels, which matches right up with the moveable alphabet.  Each set comes with 63 cards using all five consonants with accompanying photographs.  If you don’t feel like printing and laminating them all yourself, you can purchase a pre-made set in my Etsy shop in black print or Montessori colors.  🙂






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