Are you guys on Periscope?  I’ve had it for a few weeks now because a lot of my favorite bloggers use it and I love watching their livestreams!  It’s strangely addicting to watch people you don’t know in real life going about their days in real time.  You have to be careful or you’ll start to think they’re your BFFs in real life…


Anyway, I’ve never posted anything on Periscope myself until today.  I have decided to run a little Periscoping experiment.  I’ll livestream a video or two a day for a couple of weeks — but if I don’t get any followers or engagement, I’ll probably stop.  Today I livestreamed L working with the knobbed cylinders, and then later putting her shoes on by herself.   I may also host some live chats where I’ll just answer any questions you have for me at the time.  So if you would be interested in any of this, follow me on Periscope at @angelamomtessori.


Not sure what Periscope is?  It’s an app for your phone that lets you broadcast (or view) live video to people around the world.  You will get a notification when I am live, but if you miss the broadcast you can still view the video for the next few hours.  Viewers can comment and the broadcaster will be able to respond to the comments in the video right away.  The app is free, and once you have it you can search for people to follow.  When you open the app, click on the icon of three people in the bottom right corner.  There is a search function in the upper left corner of that screen.  Search for “angelamomtessori” and I’ll pop up.  Happy viewing!  [Unless this is a bust and I delete it all].


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