Musical Instruments for Toddlers

Like most toddlers, L loves music.  She loves listening to it, dancing to it, and making it.  And what a great sensorial experience!  I have had a basket with musical instruments out since L was very young — ever since she could sit up and hold things.  As she became more accomplished with each instrument, I added more difficult ones.  We now have multiple shakers, maracas, a tambourine, cymbals, and a triangle in her instrument basket.  Lately, whenever L hears music she runs to her instrument basket and chooses something to play along.
A few months ago, L took the stick from the triangle and kept banging it on the tambourine — not the most pleasant sound to listen to all day.  I asked L’s old music teacher for recommendations for drums, and he suggested a Remo kids drum (found at this link).  It has a nice deep tone that isn’t too aggravating when your child wants to play it all day, every day, and it is now L’s favorite instrument to play.

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