Halloween Activities for Toddlers – Big and Little

What do you do with all the pumpkins your toddler has scrubbed?  I created a “Big” and “Little” work to compare the sizes of pumpkins.  I placed one big pumpkin and one little pumpkin in a bin and that’s it!  L puts them both on the table and we point to the “big pumpkin” and the “little pumpkin.”
For some reason, one night my husband compared the pumpkins to the size of L’s head…  Now her favorite way to use this work is to hold each pumpkin next to her head and wait for us to tell her “That pumpkin is BIGGER than your head” or “That pumpkin is LITTLER than your head.”
*A note on vocabulary — I use the words “big” and “little” as a pairing and “large” and “small” as a pairing. You  could also do the same concept using the words “large” and “small” for your pumpkins.


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