Montessori-Inspired Spring & Fall Leaf Printables

I can’t believe I’ve been making Montessori-inspired printables for years now and somehow this is my first one devoted to leaves! My small group coaching members requested something related to botany, and at first I was going to make materials related to the traditional Montessori botany cabinet. But then I discovered that there are so many of those available for free (check HERE!), and I didn’t want to reinvent the wheel. So I pivoted to a spring & fall leaf printable bundle that can be used year-round! Here’s what it includes:

Types of Leaves 3-Part Cards: There are an endless amount of leaves to choose from, so I decided to stick with 12 common leaves found in North America that allowed for a wide variety of different shapes. The leaves I included are American ash, American beech, American elm, American sweetgum, black willow, gingko, quaking aspen, red oak, sassafras, sugar maple, tulip poplar, white oak.

Fall Leaf Matching Cards: Those same 12 common leaves have cards that show what they look like in the fall!

Leaf Silhouette Matching Cards: The picture cards of the Types of Leaves 3-Part Cards can also be used with these Silhouette Matching Cards.

My Book of Leaves & My Book of Fall Leaves: There are control copies of each plus blank copies to make your own leaf books! You can use the Leaf Cutting/Pinpushing pictures included in the bundle to paste in the book, but there are also suggestions included for how to use real leaves you find outdoors.

Leaf Color Sorting Mats: The best thing about studying fall leaves is the color! I made a mat with 3 matching leaves each for red, yellow, orange, green, pink, and brown.

Leaf Color Box 3 Shade Matching: For more advanced color matching work, I also included 10 pictures of leaves/leafy scenes that you can use alongside the color tablets from Color Box 3. Printable color tablets are also included in the bundle.

Leaf Counting Clip Cards: There are 12 counting clip cards showing spring leaves and 12 counting clip cards showing fall leaves, all using number 1-9.

Leaf I Spy & Count and I Count & Graph activities: There are 4 different I Spy scenes (2 using spring leaves, 2 using fall leaves) for some more advanced counting work. Then graph the number of leaves you find in the I Spy scenes or ones you find outside.

Leaf Symmetry Drawing Cards: Another thing about leaves I just couldn’t pass up — symmetry! There are 6 different leaf outlines with half missing so the child can finish the drawing. I like to use these with a dry erase pocket so they can be completed over and over again.

Leaf Art Posters: Last but not least, we have 6 posters designed by my daughters to inspire creativity with leaves!

This entire printable bundle is available for just $13 in my Etsy shop!

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