Activities for Infants and Toddlers – Purse

Following in the same vein as my last post, L loves to do what I do, which means using the same things I use.  One of the things that fascinates her is my purse.  It is stuffed full of interesting objects to explore, and she sees me using it all the time.  However, sometimes I can’t find things after she has gone through my purse.  So I decided to put together a purse for L.

Rather than buying a play purse at the toy store, I went in my closet for an old purse I no longer use.  It has a snap clasp at the top, magnet clasps on the side pockets, and a zippered pocket inside — lots of practical life parts to help develop L’s fine motor skills.  I placed familiar objects inside her purse, such as used gift cards (to be like credit cards), an old phone, her sunglasses, an ipad stylus (to be like a pen), a teething ring shaped like car keys, etc.  L enjoys opening all the compartments and taking objects out and putting them back in.  This is a work that I have had on the shelf for probably 4-5 months now, and L still loves it.  Everything in it is a recycled object that I had around the house, so the total cost of this work was:  FREE!