Montessori Science Sorting Printable Activities

My small group coaching program gets to choose a custom-made printable each month, and recently they asked for some sorting activities. I came up with so many ideas, so I divided them into two different packs based on where they would fit within a Montessori classroom. I already shared about the Montessori Sensorial Sorting Bundle, so here’s the Montessori Science Sorting Bundle! It includes 3 printable activities that align with Montessori science concepts that you would find in a Montessori 3-6 or 6-9 classroom. Here’s what’s inside:

First up are some living vs non-living sorting cards! There are ten photos of items to be sorted into each category.

There’s also a set of plant vs animal sorting card, again with 10 photos to sort into each category.

And finally there are some Recycle/Trash/Compost sorting cards!

That’s 3 Montessori science activities, all for just $4.50!

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