Montessori Sensorial Sorting Printable Activities

My small group coaching program gets to choose a custom-made printable each month, and recently they asked for some sorting activities. I came up with so many ideas, so I divided them into two different packs based on where they would fit within a Montessori classroom. This Montessori Sensorial Printable Pack is my absolute favorite! It includes 5 printable activities that align with Montessori sensorial concepts that you would find in traditional materials like the pink tower, the red rods, the color tablets, the geometric solids, and more! Here’s everything that’s included:

First we have some Vehicle Color Sorting Cards — there are three vehicles included for each of the colors in Color Box 2! If you have the color tablets, you can use those along with the cars. If you don’t, these printable versions are included.

Next we have some African Animal Height Sorting. All of these animals are to scale — if you’ve never seen all of them side-by-side before, you may be surprised, but I did my research! There are ten photos of animals to go in order from tallest to shortest.

Next is some Kitchen Tool Length Ordering! Once again, we have ten photos of common kitchen tools to be placed in order from longest to shortest.

For a geometric solids extension, I have some sorting cards of real life objects that match the geometric solids! These can be tough to find within the classroom, so these photographs will make the traditional material a bit more interesting.

And finally we have some Venn Diagram Attribute Sorting with shapes and colors. There are 9 different Venn diagrams (plus a blank one) along with triangles, squares, and circles in red, yellow, and blue.

But the best part is — this printable pack can be used with a wide range of ages and you can get the whole thing for just $8!

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