Montessori Pink/Blue/Green Series Word Searches with Free Printable

Each month, my small group coaching communities get to request a printable material that I make just for them! In February, one of my groups asked for some word search puzzles that align with the Montessori pink, blue, and green series. So I created a giant bundle full of them!

I began with some very simple introductory puzzles using 5 words each from the pink series in a 5×5 grid of letters. I created one puzzle for each of the short vowel sounds, and it includes those puzzles in the traditional word search form, in a grid form, and with an answer key.

The next level of puzzle continues to use pink series CVC words, but it includes 10 words now in a grid of 10×10 letters. There are words searches for each short vowel sound as well as one that combines the short vowel sounds.

The blue series word searches get a bit more difficult, with 22 words each in a grid of 15×15 letters. There is a puzzle with just beginning consonant blends, just ending consonant blends, and a larger 20×20 grid with both.

The green series puzzles include a word search for each of the long vowel sounds plus one with ar/er/ir/or/ur, with 20 words each in a grid of 15×15 letters.

These word searches can be used as extensions to your regular Montessori language learning process for years!

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