Interacting with Children: Montessori Principles to Use in the Parent-Child Relationship — Live Webinar!

Have you noticed that your child doesn’t respond to you the way you would like? Find yourself yelling and making threats to get your child to behave? Constantly playing referee to sibling arguments? Wishing you knew how to respond in a more peaceful way? Well, guess what? You can improve all of those situations with an understanding of the role of the adult in the parent-child relationship.

You’re invited to my Live Webinar event, Interacting with Children: Montessori Practices to Use in the Parent-Child Relationship

This webinar focuses on the adult-child interaction as described by Maria Montessori and ways to apply that to your day-to-day parenting of small children. Explore the parent’s role as follower of the child, protector of concentration, practicer of intentional communication, provider of boundaries, and a place of loving security. Learn how to change your perspective, adjust your way of speaking, navigate sibling squabbles, and fulfill your role in providing boundaries through the prepared environment, positive redirection, and natural consequences to be the ultimate safe place for a little one growing into whoever she will become.

If you are the parent (or soon-to-be parent!) of children ages 1 to 6 years, this webinar is for you! No prior knowledge or experience with Montessori is required.

The next available sessions for Interacting with Children: Montessori Practices to Use in the Parent-Child Relationship are as follows:

  • Saturday, May 1st, at 2pm EST
  • Thursday, May 6th, at 8pm EST

A replay of the webinar will be available for 2 months following those dates.

For this live webinar, the presentation will last approximately 45 minutes, followed by a Q&A session. Space is limited to ensure that all questions can be answered, so register now before it’s too late!

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