Montessori-Inspired Vertebrates Printables from Every Star is Different

We haven’t done a ton with our science shelf regarding biology yet in our homeschool preschool, so I was super excited to learn about the new Montessori-Inspired Vertebrates printables by Every Star is Different!  These materials are so fantastic that they’ve inspired me to make this our next unit study.  When we finish our current continent studies and Lila begins Kindergarten in the fall, Nora and I are going to spend several months exploring vertebrates using these amazing printables!

What’s included:
  1. Montessori-inspired Intro to Vertebrates Bundle (Part of the Intro to Biology Bundle)
  2. NEW Montessori-inspired Mammals Printable Pack Bundle
  3. NEW Montessori-inspired Birds Printable Pack Bundle
  4. NEW Montessori-inspired Fish Printable Pack Bundle
  5. Montessori-inspired Shark Printable Pack Bundle
  6. NEW Montessori-inspired Reptiles Printable Pack Bundle
  7. NEW Montessori-inspired Amphibians Printable Pack Bundle

As usual, I’ll take you inside each of the parts of the Montessori-Inspired Vertebrates printables so you can see exactly what you’re getting.

Intro to Vertebrates contains everything you need to know to begin a vertebrate study — and it includes one of our very favorite types of materials:  book making!  That was the first thing I printed out.

The Mammals section contains something for every area of the classroom!  The first thing I printed was the Mammal Skin Patterns Match Up — this will go in our Sensorial section.  Nora loved matching the cards and examining the patterns on so many different mammals!

The Birds section might be my very favorite section.  I love that it contains resources for birds that are native to our part of the world as well as those from all over the globe — perfect for our continent studies!  The bird themed blue series materials with the grammar symbol extensions were perfect for Lila, and you’ll be seeing Nora using a lot of these materials in my IG stories this week!

I haven’t printed any of the fish materials yet, but I love these fish danger cards — they detail (not pictured) the different ways these types of fish are dangerous to others, and then you can sort them by type of danger:  teeth, venomous, or electricity!

The Shark materials go into further detail with different types of sharks, and I love that there are materials that can be used in every section of the classroom.  We’re using the Shark Themed Greater Than/Less Than Cards to introduce the concept of greater than and less than with symbols.

The Reptiles section contains so many beautiful photographs of different types of reptiles and their details!  My girls are currently in a “pin push everything” phase, so I was pretty excited to find some reptile outlines that we could use for that tray.

The Amphibians section contains another one of the girls’ favorite types of materials:  Who Am I? Cards !  [Actually, ALL of the different portions contain those kinds of cards!]  The girls like to play that game together, with Lila reading the word card and then Nora having to guess which one she’s describing.