Montessori Continent Studies for Preschoolers — DIY Montessori Continent Felt Map

Once your child has mastered the Montessori continent globe, it’s time to introduce the continents as a map.  You can buy a wooden one, or you can make your own for far less money out of felt.  While I ultimately concluded that it may not have been worth it to make my own globe, this project […]

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DIY Montessori-Inspired Activities for Toddlers & Preschoolers — Ribbon Weaving Board

I was browsing through a kitchen organizing store a while ago when a kitchen cabinet shelf organizer caught my eye — but not for use in my kitchen.  Of course not, that would be silly!  No, it caught my eye because I knew it would be perfect for a weaving work for L! I tied […]

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Montessori-Inspired Language Activities for Preschoolers — Sorting by Seasons [With Free Printable!]

Continuing our study of the seasons, I wanted to move away from just how trees differ in each season and move on to other characteristics of each part of the year.  We live in a part of North America that sees great differences in temperature throughout the seasons, so these cards work for us in […]

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