Montessori-Inspired Language Activities for Preschoolers — Sorting by Seasons [With Free Printable!]

Continuing our study of the seasons, I wanted to move away from just how trees differ in each season and move on to other characteristics of each part of the year.  We live in a part of North America that sees great differences in temperature throughout the seasons, so these cards work for us in describing things we might see in winter versus summer.  If you live in a more temperate climate, they may not work for you.

I first put out the first cards from our Seasons 3 Part Cards, then brought out the smaller cards I had put together with photographs of different things we might find in each season.  For my first presentation of the work, I went right in order:  three things that could be found in spring, then three that could be found in summer, three that could be found in fall, and three that could be found in winter.  For subsequent presentations, I mixed them up so L would have to place them in the correct category.  This is a higher order sorting work based on concepts.

Click the link for your free printable of the Seasons Categories Add-On Cards.  This is an extension of the 3 Part Cards work — so first go over to that post to print that work out!

 If you want to make the work slightly easier, color code your cardstock backing.  For example, put a blue backing on the winter cards, red on fall, purple on spring, and yellow on summer (or any color of your choice).  The color of the backing on each card will serve as the control of error.


Cheat sheet for parents/teachers:  Spring — butterfly, flowers, rain boots with umbrella

                                                Summer — sunglasses, beach scene, flipflops

                                                 Fall — apple trees, pumpkins, leaves with rake

                                     Winter — snowman, hot cocoa, mittens




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