Montessori-Inspired Activities for Preschoolers — Hole Punching

When I was browsing in the dollar store (as all Montessori moms/teachers do!), I found this hole puncher and couldn’t pass it up.  I knew this would be a great hand-strengthening exercise for L, which in turn will help with pre-writing skills in the future.


I put a piece of construction paper, the hole puncher, and a small bowl (for the scraps) on the tray.  I removed the punch-out catcher on the hole puncher so the dots would come out — that way L could see the results of her work.  L still has very small hands, so she needs to use both hands to squeeze the hole puncher.  When I first put this work out back in the winter time, I would hold the paper so she could squeeze with both hands.  Now she can do it all by herself.

Once she has finished making all of the holes she wants to make, we collect the dots in the small bowl and take them over to our Contact Paper Collage set up on the easel.