Activities for Toddlers — Smelling Jars

L is slightly obsessed with Frozen, and her favorite line is when Elsa and Anna sniff and say, “mmm, chocolate!”  She says it almost every day, and she thinks she’s absolutely hilarious.  I kind of do, too.  🙂


Anyway, it led me to follow the child and create a smelling work for her so she can experience and  learn to name different scents.

smelling jars 1

Every part of this work is made of something I already had at home!  I had a spice rack that had really seen better days [it was at least 10 years old!], so I decided to ditch the spices and repurpose the jars in this smelling jar work.  I cleaned them out and put a cotton ball in each one.  I then put a couple drops of different extracts from my pantry on each cotton ball — I used lemon, coconut, vanilla, coffee, and mint extracts.  I also labeled each jar so I could know what she was smelling to help her describe the scents.  L loves smelling each jar and trying to name the correct scent!  It’s a great sensorial experience and helps build language skills as we talk about each scent.


[I really wanted to put chocolate extract in one of the smelling jars so I could see her reaction when she got to say, “mmm, chocolate” just like Elsa and Anna, but I couldn’t find any in my grocery store.  😦 ]


16 thoughts on “Activities for Toddlers — Smelling Jars

  1. That’s a great idea! I love these sorts of things for my kids. My eldest son insists on smelling every single flower when we go for walks. My youngest son is more interested in eating them.


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