What’s On Our World Peace Shelf — Trades of Hope

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Have you heard of Trades of Hope?  It’s an organization that helps employ and empower women all over the world (but especially in developing countries), and they create some beautiful products.  I recently went to a Trades of Hope party, and I found some things that would be perfect for our World Peace Shelf!

jewelry 2

I purchased a small purse (made by women in Guatemala), a necklace (made by women in Uganda), and  jingly bracelet (made by women in Thailand).  I don’t know where she gets it from, but L is obsessed with all things girly.  She LOVES trying on my jewelry, and she was so excited to find this on her shelf and put it on!

Jewelry 1

Each Trades of Hope product comes with a small card with information about where the product was made and the women that are employed there.  I included the cards in her purse so we can talk about the women who made her jewelry and where they live.

“The child is both a hope and a promise for mankind.”  ~Maria Montessori

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  1. My husband is Filipino and when we traveled to the Philippines four years ago, we toured community development sites in Manila and Quezon City that practice similar programs. They try to foster sustainable employment opportunities for extremely impoverished people. My husband holds a Masters in Urban Studies and apparently an organization like Threads of Hope is viewed as one the best ways to provide economic resources and dignity to people who desperately need both! Thanks for sharing how you’ve supported these women while exploring with your daughter.

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