Language Activities for Infants and Toddlers – Family Photo Cards

Every morning while I’m getting ready, L explores our bedroom.  My husband has a bunch of loose photos of family and college friends in his nightstand, and L loves to take them out and look at them.  She frequently brings them over to me and points to all the people shown as I tell her who they are.  So I decided to make a more durable work for her involving the same concept.  I printed a bunch of photos from our family vacation this summer, glued them to cardstock, and laminated them so they cannot be easily destroyed.  I put them in a shallow box on her language shelf.  L chooses this work daily, and it is helping her to learn the names of all of our extended family members.  She especially likes the photos where she is pictured with the family member, as well as the large group photos with a lot of different people she recognizes.  When I got my latest ultrasound pictures of Baby #2, L was extremely interested in those, so I added a few to the box.  This is a work that can easily be updated with new pictures, especially once L’s baby sister is born.