How to Set Up a Montessori Toddler Bathroom

L moved into her toddler bathroom at the beginning of August!  It is attached to her toddler bedroom (which she’ll be moving into later this week), so it is all set up for just her use.  I mentioned before that I couldn’t find ideal step stools in stores, so I had my husband modify one for the sink and build one from scratch for the toilet.  Please note that I did not decorate this bathroom — I have no idea where one would find a purple and black toilet.  It was like this when we moved in, and it will stay like this until the toilet breaks and  L is old enough to tear off the wallpaper by herself.

L knows that her diapers are kept under the sink, so she takes one out and opens it up when we enter the bathroom.  We change all of L’s diapers with her standing up.  She holds onto the railing on her toilet stepstool, then climbs up by herself, turns around, and sits on the toilet.  She is so excited to sit there!  When we put her on the toilet in the other bathroom, she would act like she wanted to sit but then wanted down as soon as we put her on it.  With this toilet stool, L can get on and off all by herself, so she is more content to sit there for a while before coming off — sooner or later she’ll pee by accident while she’s sitting there, and we can begin to make that connection.  For now, she enjoys sitting on it before climbing down to put a fresh diaper on.  The stool isn’t fancy, but it wraps around the base of the toilet to prevent it from shifting, and the handle helps her to turn around by herself.  L helps pull her pants up and moves over to the sink.

L’s sink is pretty high up, so we needed a pretty tall stool for her to be able to reach it.  We got a cheap one at Ikea after measuring how tall it would need to be.  It made me nervous that she would be up so high, so my husband added some handrails on either side.  L loves climbing up to wash her hands after we change her diaper.  She also brushes her teeth up there, and she can watch herself in the mirror that we hung at her level.  The handrails make it easy for her to turn around and walk back down the steps when she is finished.




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  1. Great bathroom! Looks like you have a lot of space to accommodate the extra stepstools. I wish we could fit in the sink stool without door interference. We use a single-step IKEA plastic stool that my daughter moves between the sink and toilet as needed, but it’s not ideal. Your daughter is lucky! Good luck with potty training.

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