Montessori-Inspired Pumpkin Activities

I’ll admit it:  I have a tiny bit of a pumpkin obsession.  Not in a “basic” way (whatever that means…) — I’m actually not a fan of pumpkin spice anything.  But when it comes to using them in the classroom, I’m obsessed! Every year I find new ways to use pumpkins to teach, so I […]

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Montessori Botany Study: Learning About Plants

After we finished our Montessori Human Body Study, Lila decided she wanted to learn about plants.  Specifically, she wanted to learn about trees, leaves, flowers, and plants we eat — so that’s how I designed our botany study!  Our full botany study lasted almost 4 full months, so I’ll be sharing just a part of […]

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Montessori Human Body Study: The Immune System

We began our study of the human body on the outside and worked our way in — as most Montessori learning goes!  After learning all about The Outer Body, we moved on in to look at the Skeletal System, the Muscular System, the Nervous System, the Respiratory System, the Circulatory System, the Digestive System, and now […]

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