Montessori Language: Command Strips

Lila loves reading, but sometimes she is intimidated by long sentences in books to the point that she’ll just quit.  I wanted to help her practice her reading skills in a fun manner, so I set up this command strips box for her! I cut strips of paper and wrote simple 1-3 word commands on […]

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Montessori Language: Labeling the Environment

Lila has been steadily chugging along through the green series, but I could see that she was tiring of always learning new material and really wanted a chance to practice reading more.  I put together this labeling the environment work, and she has been loving it! I walked around our homeschool preschool room and wrote […]

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Montessori-Inspired Pumpkin Activities

I’ll admit it:  I have a tiny bit of a pumpkin obsession.  Not in a “basic” way (whatever that means…) — I’m actually not a fan of pumpkin spice anything.  But when it comes to using them in the classroom, I’m obsessed! Every year I find new ways to use pumpkins to teach, so I […]

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