Montessori Language: Command Strips

Lila loves reading, but sometimes she is intimidated by long sentences in books to the point that she’ll just quit.  I wanted to help her practice her reading skills in a fun manner, so I set up this command strips box for her!

I cut strips of paper and wrote simple 1-3 word commands on them.  Some of the phrases I wrote include:  “clap ten claps,” “stand up,” “spin,” “get a rug,” “hug your mom,” “kick your feet,” “back up,” “pat your legs,” “bend over,” “jump up,” “act happy,” etc.

The first time I presented the material, I told Lila that I had some command strips for us to read and act out.  I pulled one strip out of the box, read it, and followed the command.  Lila immediately wanted her own turn.

Each time she reads one of the strips, Lila looks up with the purest joy and excitedly sets about doing whatever the command says to do.  She usually does all of the command strips in one sitting.

I have some blank command strips cut and ready for her to write her own whenever she is ready, but we aren’t at that point yet.