Montessori & the Science of Reading Summit

Homeschooling and teaching with the Montessori approach is a rewarding journey, but it can also be challenging, especially when it comes to teaching reading. That’s why I’m  thrilled to let you know about the Montessori and the Science of Reading Summit

While this Summit is designed for educators in a classroom setting, homeschoolers will also find the information transformative.  You will learn:

  • How the Science of Reading complements Montessori principles for more effective literacy instruction
  • Techniques to identify and address gaps in your Montessori curriculum, ensuring it aligns with the latest reading research
  • Tips to boost your instructional confidence, knowing your approach is backed by research and tailored to your child’s needs

The event runs June 19-21. Get all the details and sign up with my affiliate link HERE.

I know how much time and passion you put into creating the optimal learning environment for your children in your homeschool or classroom, and I also know it isn’t a walk in the park!  It’s not easy to

  • Adapt Montessori methods to suit your child’s individual learning style
  • Keep up with the latest reading research and integrate it into your curriculum
  • Find reliable resources and support for teaching reading at home

This Summit will empower you to overcome these challenges and create a thriving learning environment for your child.

There are over a dozen sessions covering everything from a big picture overview of the research to assessment and special accommodations to step by step lessons on how to work on key skills.

I registered to attend this Summit myself, and here are some of the sessions I am most excited about watching:

That’s just a small sampling of the sessions that will be included in the Summit!

By attending the summit, you will:

  • Gain a solid foundation in the latest reading research, enabling you to make informed decisions in your Montessori classroom or homeschool.
  • Learn evidence-based strategies tailored to the Montessori approach, ensuring every child’s reading development is supported.
  • Explore the compatibility between Montessori methods and the Science of Reading, demonstrating how Montessori principles can be adapted to align with cutting-edge reading research.

Register for the summit now and unlock the full potential of Montessori and the Science of Reading in your environment!

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