Favorite Toddler Materials for Beginning Learning at Home

Truthfully, it’s okay if your toddler just wants to play all day at home. Your toddler is in the period of the Absorbent Mind, and her brain is soaking up new information every single day. But if you do want to set the groundwork for beginning to do Montessori Homeschool Preschool, setting up some materials for your toddler is a good place to start!

Toddlers in my Montessori classroom began at 18 months, and these were some of their most-used materials:

Set up a work shelf with each of these materials on it’s own work tray or in a basket. Work on bringing one material to the table, using it, and then putting it back on the shelf before choosing another material. This is a process — it’s not something that will happen overnight! In my Montessori toddler classroom, this process of choosing work, using it, and returning it to the shelf was the only “lesson” I formally worked on for the first month of school.

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