Montessori-Inspired Ocean Life Printables

As we slowly creep along toward summer, who’s ready for an ocean study? My small group coaching community certainly was, since they requested these materials last month! I had so much fun creating a printable bundle all about ocean life that can be used with a wide variety of ages. Here’s everything that’s inside:

Oceans of the World Posters & Labeling Activity: There’s a full color version plus one in black & white if you want to save some printer ink. Use the posters as a control, then cut out the labels and paste them in the correct spot to label the oceans!

Ocean Zones Poster: There’s one version with just the names of the zones on it, and another with the names plus the depths of each zone (pictured).

Ocean Zones Animal Sorting Mats: There’s a control poster showing the animals in the correct zones, a full color mat + a black& white version with pictures of ocean animals to cut out and put in the correct ocean zone.

Ocean Zones Animal Cards: Description cards for defining each ocean zone and cards for each animal with its name, color-coded to the ocean zones posters.

My Book About Ocean Life: A book with fun facts about 15 ocean animals plus a blank page for you to add your own!

Ocean Life Who Am I? Game: Who Am I? cards to go along with the same 15 animals in the ocean life book.

Ocean Life Silhouette Matching: Match the picture of the sea creature to its silhouette.

Ocean Life Color Box 3 Matching: Pictures of colorful sea creatures to pair with the color tablets from Color Box 3 to match the shades of each (printable version of those color tablets included).

Octopus Dot Sticker/Dot Marker Activities: Fill in the circles with dot stickers or dot markers for numbers 1-8, plus an extra one with more circles.

Ocean Life Cutting Strips: Cut and use the pieces for the graphing work.

Ocean Life I Spy & Count: Count the sea creatures found in each scene. 3 scenes included.

Ocean Life Count & Graph: Use the squares from the cutting strip to fill in the graph according to how many of each animal you count.

ALL of those activities are bundled together to fill your learning space with materials all about Ocean Life for just $10!

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