Montessori-Inspired North America Continent Study Printables

Continent studies are a part of the geography & culture curriculum in a Montessori classroom, and they can be a super fun way to learn about the world we live in. My small group coaching members requested some North America continent study printables, so I created this bundle that has a little something for everyone — you can use parts of it even if you’re not doing a full continent study right now! Here’s what’s included:

North America Country, Flag, and National Animal 3-Part Cards: There is a set of 3-part cards for each of the countries that are shown on the Montessori puzzle map for North America. The country 3-part cards are color-coded to the puzzle pieces. The flag 3-part cards and the national animal 3-part cards include the country name as a control of error.

National Animal Silhouette Matching: Each national animal card also comes with a silhouette card for matching.

North America Pinpushing & Play Dough Mats: There are a couple different formats that you can choose from according to your preference for your fine motor shelves.

Flag Pattern Strips: There are 10 pattern strips using the flags of North American countries. Each flag is used at least once.

Flag Color Graphing: Count the number of flags with red, the number with blue, etc. and fill in the graph accordingly.

Flag Shape Scavenger Hunt: Find a flag with a star on it, then draw that flag on the recording sheet. Includes larger versions of the flags to hang up around the room, or just use the flags on the 3-part cards.

North America Simple Puzzles: One scene from each country as a 2-, 3-, 4-, 5-, or 10-piece puzzle. Master copy with caption included for each.

North America Natural Wonders “Where Is It?” Game: 12 locations around North America, described on a card to be matched with the correct photo.

All of these printables can be purchased as a bundle for just $13!

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