Montessori Materials Printable Nomenclature Pack

My small group coaching community asked for something featuring photos of kids using traditional Montessori materials for their July group printable, and I know why! It can be helpful for inspiration or sparking interest when a child sees another child using a material, and it’s also helpful for kids at Montessori school to learn the names of the materials and be able to talk about them with their parents at home! So I got to work and created this Montessori Materials Mini Pack in print & cursive. Here’s everything that’s inside:

Montessori materials 3-part cards, featuring photographs of the following materials in use:

  • bead stair
  • continent map puzzle
  • bead lacing
  • pink tower
  • banana peeling
  • sandpaper numbers
  • metal insets
  • color tablets
  • dressing frame
  • sandpaper globe
  • sandpaper letters
  • movable alphabet
  • teen board
  • knobbed cylinders
  • world continents map puzzle

Montessori subject area labels for language, geography, math, sensorial, and practical life. These cards can be used to label your work shelves or for sorting the 3-part cards into categories.

The 3-part cards and the subject labels are also included in the printable pack in cursive.

Finally, there’s some book-making work! The My Montessori Classroom Book is included in the printable pack as a master copy in print, a master copy in cursive, a tracing copy in print, a tracing copy in cursive, and a blank writing copy.

And the best part of all — you can get ALL of that for just $3.50!

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