The Princess in Black — Nora’s Summer Book Club

When Nora saw that Lila was starting her own summer book club, she wanted to make her own as well! Nora chose one of her favorite beginning chapter books series — The Princess in Black, by Shannon Hale & Dean Hale. Because this book club is for younger children, we decided to make pre-recorded videos instead of having live meetings [Because: have you ever witnessed a bunch of Kindergarteners set loose on a Google Meet? It’s chaos!].

Nora decided that she would make 3 videos — one for the first chapter of each of the first three books. In each video, she reads the first chapter aloud and then demonstrates a craft that goes along with the book. I might be biased, but I think we have a future YouTube star on our hands!

If you have kids ages 4-8 who love the Princess in Black (or who need a beginning chapter book series to get them hooked on reading), check out Nora’s videos!