Fingerplays & Songs with Printable Pieces

Number fingerplays and songs were some of my favorite activities to do as a group during my time as a Montessori Toddler Teacher. In the classroom, I had felt pieces that I made to use with our felt board as we sang each song together. My small group coaching community recently requested some fingerplays with printable pieces as their monthly group printable material, so I put together a printable pack with 5 of my favorites along with pieces that can be backed with felt and used on a felt board, attached to magnets and used on a magnetic board, or kept as-is and used on a work rug.

These fingerplays and songs are perfect for toddlers or preschoolers, and can be used as a group Circle Time activity or one-on-one with your own child! When I was teaching my girls for Montessori homeschool preschool, I kept the pieces out in a container and they would often choose to work with it throughout the day — hearing their little voices singing the songs was so cute!

This printable pack includes links to videos to watch me present each fingerplay with the objects so you can get the tune/rhythm right if you are unfamiliar with the songs. I’m no professional singer, so keep that in mind as you listen!

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