Montessori-Inspired Winter Printables

I made these Montessori-Inspired Fall Nature Printables a couple months ago, and I decided to take the same concepts and re-do them for Winter with printables to cover every area of the classroom. So here it is!

First up, for your Language and Sensorial sections: we have some winter matching cards. These are common objects that you may see in winter — print the picture cards twice to use as matching cards, or print them once with the silhouette cards for a bit of a challenge!

Patterns are an early math skill, and these winter pattern strips will fit right in your Math section. There are strips for AB, ABC, ABB, and AAB patterns.

For your Fine Motor/Practical Life section, I created these winter lacing cards! Don’t they look so cozy? Add a shoelace or piece of yarn and it’s ready to go!

I would put these winter cutting strips in the Art section, but it could also go in Fine Motor/Practical Life. You can use the cut pieces for collage work or to fill in the graph in the Count & Graph work (see below).

I Spy is always a fun activity, and I like to incorporate some counting skills with it. There are 3 different I Spy scenes in the mini bundle. This I Spy & Count can go in your Math section. I like to put these in a dry erase sleeve so they can be used over and over again.

Once your child has finished counting the objects in the I Spy scene, she can graph them on this winter Count & Graph activity. You can use those pieces from the cutting strips or color in each square to make a bar graph.

Winter sequencing puzzles round out the mini bundle with two different sequence story scenes — sledding and shoveling snow!

This mini bundle is designed for children ages 2 to 6 years old. Best of all — you can get all 8 of these activities for just $6!

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