FREE Class for Fostering Creativity in Children

Last year I did something that completely changed the trajectory of how I viewed creativity with my children.

…I STOPPED listening to the wrong people.

Society has taught us to believe that the key to “creativity just happens”.

…Like a spark of genius.

…And that those who are not naturally talented…don’t harness the potential for creativity.

I completely disagree.

And teaching our children that “it will just happen” or “you will think of something” is just a recipe for them to be disappointed when they DON’T think of something…constantly. As with all things Montessori, it’s important to provide that scaffolding — little steps that lead to mastering more difficult ones.

​I discovered the secret that no one is teaching – a systematic approach to creativity that helped children to confidently create on their own without the parent having to sit next to them the whole time.

The core of that system is the 3-part confident artist method that my friend, Cindra, will be teaching about LIVE on June 10th at 8pm EST.

​I’m hosting this FREE class with Cindra McCoy of Guide Dots on channeling your child’s love of drawing without the dreaded “I cann’t!” and YOU are invited!

And she also will be giving away 2 done-for-you art projects at the end! These projects allow your child to explore creativity in a brand-new way that is engaging, age-appropriate and frustration-free.


  • Your child craves art! Like you know, the kind who wants to draw and paint every day.
  • You want to encourage their passion but you “are not an artist” and don’t know how to help when they say “I cannn’t!”
  • Your child loves to draw but rushes to get their ideas on paper and you wish they would spend more time honing their skill.
  • Art = mess in your mind and you might just pull out your hair if you have to clean up glitter one more time!


  • The 3 BIG mistakes that are keeping artsy kids stuck.
  • How to get your child to confidently create on their own without having to sit next to them the whole time.
  • The secret to unlocking your child’s artistic potential without having to know anything about art.

This will completely CHANGE the way you look at your artsy child.