Printable “Sandpaper” Letters with Tracing Marks

I spent a few weeks working with a local Montessori school this summer to help them come up with a plan and resources in case a group of students would have to quarantine for a couple of weeks in the middle of the school year. They did not want to send real Montessori materials home with the children, because they simply didn’t have enough sets and were worried about families losing pieces. So part of my job included making printable versions of real Montessori materials — like the Sandpaper Letters!

The teacher who asked for these also asked if I could add directional arrows to the letters so the children working at home would know how to trace them correctly. These printable “sandpaper” letters obviously don’t have real sandpaper on them, but they’re an inexpensive alternative.

My daughter also sometimes needs those directional arrows, so I printed a set for home and paired them with our wooden alphabet tracing board.

You can get the printable “sandpaper” letters HERE.