Parts of Eyeglasses 3-Part Cards — Free Printable in English, Spanish, & Italian!

If you’ve been following along on Instagram, you know that Lila just got eyeglasses! I have no personal experience with glasses, so I asked for some advice from parents whose children have them to find out how to best support her in this new adventure. Then I headed online to print out some Parts of Eyeglasses 3-Part Cards… but I couldn’t find any! How is this possible?! No fear, I just made my own. Then I decided to upload them here as a free printable, because all children with eyeglasses should be able to identify all of the parts.

I drew a pair of eyeglasses that look similar to Lila’s, then isolated and labeled each part. And here they are!

You can use these as traditional 3-part cards as above, or for matching or identifying the parts of your own eyeglasses.

One of our favorite ways to use any type of “Parts of a…” cards are to use the word cards to label the object in question directly. So Lila took off her glasses and labeled its parts!

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When I posted about this on Instagram, an amazing follower offered to translate them into Spanish AND Italian so they can be useful all over the world! You do not need to subscribe to my email list for those copies, since she did the translation work.

Download them here: