Montessori-Inspired Snow & Snowflakes Printables

Snowflakes have always been fascinating to me, but I’ve never been able to find too many hands-on resources for learning about them.  So I made my own!  I spent several weeks this fall researching and creating two different printable packs all about snow and snowflakes, with materials for every area of the classroom — and they are finally ready for their debut!

My Wilson Bentley’s Snowflakes Pack and Snow & Snowflake Pack are two separate printable packs that are available in my Etsy shop now!  Here’s a peek at the contents of each!

My Wilson Bentley’s Snowflakes Pack features the photography of Wilson Bentley — also known as “Snowflake” Bentley — an American who began experimenting with photographing snowflakes in the late 1800s.  This pack has materials that can be used for ages 2-9+ in your language, sensorial, and science sections. and it contains my 4-year-old’s very favorite material:

Snowflake Puzzles!  Some of the puzzles are cut in half for an easier level of difficulty, while other are cut into quarters and are quite challenging!  My Wilson Bentley’s Snowflakes Pack printable is $5 in my Etsy shop, but keep reading because you can save some money when you buy both packs together!

My Snow & Snowflakes Pack is a bit larger and contains materials for ages 2-9+ in your language, science, math, sensorial, art, and fine motor sections.  Because this is a printable material available all over the world, the information cards include data in Fahrenheit and Celsius and the measuring snowfall materials include pages using inches and centimeters as well as fractions and decimals.  I have even included a blank graph for your snowfall tracking if you are lucky enough to live in a particularly snowy environment and will receive more snowfall than the prepared graphs allow for.

There are several materials for learning about the life cycle of a snowflake, including posters, 4-part cards (with explanations), and a cut-and-paste activity as pictured above.

Lila is obsessed with these snowflake symmetry drawing cards!  I laminated them and paired them with a dry erase marker so she could draw the missing side of the snowflake, then erase and re-use. The first time I gave them to her, she did them over and over again so many times that I lost count!

My Snow & Snowflakes Pack also includes pattern strips that could alternately be used as cutting strips…

…and even play dough mats for building fine motor skills and hand strength.  You can see more individual material pictures in the product listing.  This pack is sold for $10, but…


…if you purchase both packs together in a bundle, you can save some money!  My Montessori-Inspired Snow & Snowflake Bundle is just $13 and contains all of the printables from both packs!