Montessori Word Study Activities Printables

Honestly, Montessori word studies were nowhere on my radar.  Lila’s in public school now, and Nora’s still figuring out letter sounds and beginning to build words.  But then I saw this amazing Montessori Word Study Activities Bundle by Every Star is Different — and this is the bundle you never knew you needed!  I love that it has activities for both preschool age AND elementary, and I have some pretty fun ideas for using it with Lila even though I’m no longer her primary teacher.

Here is everything that’s included:

1. Rhyming Words Printable Pack
2. Compound Words Printable Pack
3. Suffixes Printable Pack
4. Prefixes Printable Pack
5. Antonyms Printable Pack
6. Synonyms Printable Pack
7. Homophones Printable Pack
8. Homonyms Printable Pack
9. Homographs Printable Pack
10. Word Families Printable Pack
Let’s take a look inside to see exactly what’s in each individual pack!
The Rhyming Words Pack has tons of activities for all ages!  Nora will be able to do the rhyming word picture match up even though she’s still a beginning reader, and then there are so many activities to look forward to as her reading progresses!
I also love that each of the packs comes with interactive cards like this one!  I’m planning on putting them together into little booklets for Lila to do — kind of like word puzzle books, but with a Montessori twist!
The Compound Words Printable Pack has several hands-on activities for building compound words from two smaller words!  Nora will love cutting and pasting picture cards to build new words like this.
The Suffixes Printable Pack lists every possible combination you could make!  I especially love that it also includes definitions of each suffix so you can see how you are changing the meaning of the word by adding a different suffix.
The Prefixes Printable Pack is similar to the suffixes pack, except with things you are adding to the beginning of the word.  Again, there are materials with photographs as the focus which are perfect for prereaders as well as more complicated word lists, strips, and charts for more advanced students.
The Antonyms Printable Pack is one of my favorites — I love how many antonym picture match ups are included, because I know Nora will love them.
This is another example of some of the activities that I’m planning on using to make word puzzle books for Lila — there are so many cards like this and I know she will have a blast circling the correct answer!

The Synonyms Printable Pack is perfect for helping with story writing, which is something Lila is very interested in right now.  I plan on using the Synonym Charts to make a sort of book for her to use to look up new words to use when she’s writing books!


My girls aren’t ready for the Homophones Printable Pack yet, but I can see Lila swiftly approaching readiness as she continues to grow in her reading and writing skills.  These homophone clip cards are fun!


The Homonyms Printable Pack contains some really fun materials that I am predicting will make Lila chuckle.  I especially love the homonym sentence clip cards and will also be using this material to make those word puzzle books I was talking about earlier.



The Homographs Printable Pack is another one that I am betting will amuse Lila, as she’s a big fan of word games.  Love this homograph picture match up — even Nora can have fun with this one!


The last part of the Montessori Word Study Activities Bundle is the Word Family Printable Pack.  This contains some fun lists and sorting cards for seeing how words relate to each other.


The Montessori Word Study Activities Bundle contains over 300 pages of word study printables and will last you *years* in the classroom (or just for fun!) — and it’s 75% off for the month of November only!

That means you can get the whole thing for just $14.99 — no coupon code needed.

Get it now!*

*EU readers — please remember to use the link to check out through Teachers Pay Teachers!