Montessori-Inspired Rhyming Cards for Toddlers & Preschoolers [Free Printable!]

N has been walking around the house saying two words followed by, “Hey!  ____ and ____ rhyme!!!” She has the biggest grin on her face while she does it.

Montessori sound games usually begin with “I spy” using objects to sound out beginning sounds, but N is clearly more interested in ending sounds that are the same — rhyming words.  So I put together some rhyming words cards for her!

To present the cards, I laid out one card from each pair on the rug, naming them as I went.  Then I took one of the rhyming cards, laid it next to each of the cards already on the rug, and said both words together.  I placed that card next to all of the cards in turn until I got to the one it rhymed with — then I said, “Tag, bag.  That rhymes!” and placed them together.  I repeated that with each of the cards until they all had matches, then asked if N wanted a turn.

I made these cards using some of the words and photos from my Pink, Blue, and Green Series printables (found in my Etsy shop).  The cards can be used with just the images, just the words, or with both as 3-part cards depending on your child’s abilities.  I elected to keep ours all together for now since I have one reader (L) and one pre-reader (N) — I like having the word and the picture together so L can use the cards to notice patterns in written words and their sounds.

For now, I have only introduced the Pink Series rhyming cards to N.  Once she has mastered those, I will add the Blue Series cards and then the Green Series cards.  L can use this full set right away since she can read all of those words already.


You can get your free printable of my Montessori-Inspired Rhyming Cards for Toddlers & Preschoolers HERE!







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