Montessori Asia Study — South Korean Landmark 3-Part Cards with Free Printable

As I mentioned before, we focused a large part of our Asia study on South Korea since the girls are half-Korean.  I couldn’t find many South Korean Montessori materials already available in my internet searches, so I decided to make my own South Korean Landmark 3-Part Cards.  When I first presented these cards, I used just the first card to discuss what each landmark was.  Later, we used them as three-part cards to work on pre-reading and language skills.

I first laid out each card that contained the photo and words together and named them.  Next, L matched the picture cards to the first card.

Finally, L matched the word cards to each set.  This was rather challenging for her as many of the words are in Korean and very long!

You can get your free printable of these cards here –> South Korean Landmarks 3-part cards | MOMtessori Life.





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