Montessori-Inspired Art Activities for Toddlers and Preschoolers — Stencil Painting

I always hated doing any kind of messy painting works in the classroom, but I must admit that it’s much more manageable at home with only two children!  Our art shelves were getting a little tired and under-used, so I decided to freshen it up with some stencil painting.

I found some great animal stencils like these, clipped one to a piece of paper, and put it on a tray with a container of paint and a foam paint dotter like this.


I showed L how to dip the paint dotter into the paint and then carefully dot it onto the open space of the stencil.


She presses the dotter so carefully all over the shape of the stencil until it is all full, then we take off the stencil and attach a new piece of paper — because one is never enough for this girl!


I was pretty hesitant to let N do this work, but she of course wants to do everything L does, and she has surprised me with her abilities!  They both usually continue repeating this work until the paint is all gone (I don’t put too much in, but they usually are able to do 5-7 paintings with it).



3 thoughts on “Montessori-Inspired Art Activities for Toddlers and Preschoolers — Stencil Painting

  1. I was thinking of doing something similar as I found out some stencils in my stack of supplies. I like to use stencils for painting however, I still want to introduce first the inset for design and let them work with the insets for a while.

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